saved from baldness by a blade!!!

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wiley sharp
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saved from baldness by a blade!!!

Postby wiley sharp » Wed Nov 21, 2001 1:00 am

Well, I nearly lost my Merlin yesterday, but I found it... thank God!!! seeing as how its new and all, i probably would of lost all of my hair from stress... guess where it was? in my underware drawer. I guess that It slipped in to see my lovely collection of boxers, but after a day of frantic searching, this morning, as I went to change my undies, i found my beutiful merlin, hideing in my "personalls" I carry spydercos and wear loony tunes undies... what a mix. well, tradition beats all, I guess.

happy turkey day all, i am off to Cheney.

cheers, wiley

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