Guess what pass thru security last night?" href="/app.php/feed?sid=7f16b96b12b671c9c040151d04f6fd97?f=2&t=2763" />

Guess what pass thru security last night?

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Postby Lsaulog » Wed Nov 14, 2001 5:17 pm

"Mental" detectors? LOL! <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>

I'm glad you didn't get hassled/caught.

Just goes to show you, if someone really wanted to get something past security, there's always a way.

Here's a story that I'll share:

I picked up a relative from the airport a few days after 9/11 and forgot that I had my fanny pack with my Spyderco SS Police & firearm in the trunk. I usually have them on me or next to me at all times (I am licensed to carry) but for some unknown reason, I decided to pack it in the trunk.

The days after 9/11, security was extremely tight at all airports 'round the country, and they were conducting vehicle searches the day I went to the airport. After we were stopped, I quickly realized that I still had my fanny pack in the trunk and advised the LEO that I had a firearm and knife in the trunk and also had my Concealed Weapons Permit. His initial response was that he was going to confiscate everything and asked me to escort him to the rear of the vehicle.

After examining my firearm, knife, & permit, he said I could go, but "just keep this locked in the trunk until you leave the premises. After all, you ARE technically legal." Boy, did I breathe a sigh of relief!

The officer then said, "Speaking as a deputy, if I were you, I wouldn't be keepin' this in the trunk, I would keep it right next to me, in the front seat. I mean, you're not gonna to tell Mr. Badguy, 'hold on a minute, let me go to the trunk.'"

I was a little surpised by his statement but then again, most LEOs agree with CCW laws for law abiding citizens. Especially in FL.

Oh well, valuable lesson learned in concealed carry. I'll remember NOT to pack when going to airport, though!

"Hope for the best. Be prepared for the worst. You'll never be disappointed."

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Postby J Smith » Thu Nov 15, 2001 12:03 am

Speaking of getting by security my wife and I took the kids to a circus[?] a few weeks ago.I have a carry permit so I had my 1911 on me and my endura they checked her purse and everyone elses closely but I walked past with out even a glance.


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Postby sam the man.. » Sun Nov 18, 2001 5:38 am



have spydies will travel

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Postby CraigC » Mon Nov 19, 2001 12:47 pm

I read a post from an off-duty police officer that he went to the circus with his family and they stopped him at the gate. They said, we don't care who or what you are, ID or no ID, NO GUNS. He got in, but only after he went back to his car and locked his gun in the trunk.

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