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What's your favorite knife?

Discuss Spyderco's products and history.
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Postby conn16 » Mon Oct 29, 2001 7:23 pm

My 2 faves of my 20+ knives are the fixed blade SOG Tigershark and the Spyderco Howard Viele folder. The latter is the prettiest and perhaps sharpest knife I've ever come across. I must, however, award the Civilian an honorable mention.

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Allen E. Treat

Postby Allen E. Treat » Wed Oct 31, 2001 2:27 pm

O.K. here I go :

Fixed blade : I have a chinese "knock-off"
of the old Black Jack "High-
-land" dirk.

Tactical : I'd have to say the Spyderco
"Merlin", with that vicious
"hook" !

Working : My C 29BK "Cricket"

Dress : The "Vesuvius"

Classical : Should be the Spyderco
"Worker" ( which I don't own ) so
I'll say my C 29BK "Cricket"


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Postby yog » Wed Oct 31, 2001 6:35 pm

Fixed blade - Don't own one.
Tactical - Based on "the best defensive knife is the one you have on you all the time", it would have to be either the SS Delica or the Howard Viele.
Working Folder - Military or Standard, depending on where I'm working.
Dress folder - Howard Viele.
Classic - I would say the Standard, because to me it has the classic Spyderco shape.

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Postby Brandon » Fri Nov 02, 2001 2:10 am

I only have about 6 knives so far and they're all folders. My favorite. uh i say it almost every time I post it's My G10 Harpy. I use it all the time and carry it at work at home at the store everywhere. I switch out plain edged folders but I always carry my Harpy. Thanks Sal for the Harpy

deputy tom
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Postby deputy tom » Fri Nov 02, 2001 10:21 am

Fixed-Ka-Bar modified to Kar-Bar specifications as seen in TK Mag.

Tactical Folder-BM910S

Working Folder-Endura frn full Spyder edge

Dress Knife-Skein Dubh whilst wearing a Kilt, Early S/S handled Delica full Spyder edge in Business suit

Classic Folder-Case Masonic Stockman


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Postby dalerich » Fri Nov 02, 2001 11:16 am

Here are my choices:
Fixed blade: All my Spyderco kitchen knives, they get the most use of any I own!
Tactical folder: Gunting
Working folder: Large Sebenza
Dress: CRK Umfaan
Classic: Buck 535 Walnut w BG42 blade

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Postby Mancer » Fri Nov 02, 2001 3:21 pm

My fav fixed blade would be my Gerber Mark II Black Blade, fav model folder would definately be my carry arm (Civie) but fav out of my collection would have to be the SS Native II that Sal sent me, shes my baby <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>

Seeya l8tr


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Postby Lsaulog » Thu Nov 15, 2001 1:32 pm


Fixed blade: Buck 110 (The only fixed blade I own)

Tactical Folder: SpyderEdge Police

Working Folder: Delica or Endura FRN SpyderEdge along with my Leatherman Micra

Dress Folder: SpyderEdge Native FRN (Quickly became my EDC)

Classic Folder: Delica SpyderEdge FRN (At least in my mind it's a classic! <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle> )

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Postby Jazzman » Thu Nov 15, 2001 2:19 pm

Fixed: A Rodgers and Sons Cutlery, stag handled hunter that was my grandpa's
Working: Buck Strider, Specwar, Sebenza, or Commander
Tactical: Emerson Commander,CQC7B, Matriarch
Dress: The engraved knife that my girlfriend gave me for my birthday (like a Buck gent) and the BM330 KOTM
Classic: SAK Soldier

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Postby chinook » Thu Nov 15, 2001 4:06 pm

Fixed......Gerber Coho or Spydie Moran drop point
Tactical...Whatever I'm carrying
Working....G10 Harpy, Renegade, LM Wave
Dress......Viele, Lum Chinese, Blue Native, Centofante
Classic....Micarta Calypso or Calypso Jr or Worker

(All subject to change on whims of fancy)

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Postby Ashram » Fri Nov 16, 2001 4:12 am

Fixed:Kukri(Cold Steel, or WWII Ghurka)
Tactical:Spyderco SS Police model w/G-2
Work:Spyerco Calypso Jr. FRN
Dress:Benchmade June mini-AFCK

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Postby artsig1 » Fri Nov 16, 2001 8:09 am

Fixed: Gerber Yari

Tactical/working/dress: Large ironwood inlaid Sebenza. It is the one I ALWAYS have on me. Although I sometimes give it a rest and carry a large standard Sebenza!

classic: 2 bladed double lockback mini-Dyad,
and the Toad. Always have one or the other on me at all times.


Art Sigmon

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Postby IanMUndertall » Fri Nov 16, 2001 9:21 am

Fixed: BlackJack Viking Raider (OK it’s an ax with a gut hook, but it can shave the hair of my arms). If the ax doesn’t count, then my Spec Plus Raider Bowie.
Tactical: G-10 Civilian. Just got it and love it, in an evil, don’t mess with me kind of way.
Working: SS Police fully serrated.
Dress: SS Police fully serrated.
Classic: SAK Altimeter or Mini-Champ. (Sheeple friendly)
Sleeping: SS Police fully serrated. Yes, I sleep with it in my sweatpants pocket. I also sleep with a SureFire E-1 in my sock. It’s a long story.
I’m never without my Mini-Champ and my SS Police.

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Postby Gallaghe » Sat Nov 17, 2001 8:15 am

EDC Massad Ayoob plain edge and Police model plain edge

Kevin S. Gallagher

Allen E. Treat

Postby Allen E. Treat » Sat Nov 17, 2001 1:26 pm

To : Sword and Shield

You weren't, by-the-by, a former KGB agent ? As in the "Sword and Shield" of
the C.C.C.P.?

Just joking,


Sword and Shield
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Postby Sword and Shield » Sun Nov 18, 2001 2:17 pm

AET- How "Sword and Shield" came to be is a long trek into my past. The official mascot of my high school was the Knight, and the school was very emphatic in teaching the virtues of honor, integrity, courage and inner strength.

I incorporated the Knight into my first screen name, and some variation has always appeared in the name. S & S seemed appropriate for a cutlery forum, while still keeping the Knight theme.

Keepin' it real...real sharp, that is.

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Postby Al » Sun Nov 18, 2001 5:16 pm

Fixed blade - None.
Tactical - Gerber Applegate Covert or Military
Working Folder - Spydercard or SS Rookie
Dress folder - SS Rookie or Standard.
Classic - None

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Postby CraigC » Mon Nov 19, 2001 12:42 pm

I always have a Swiss Army Knife on me. Usually either my CyberTool 34 (office) or Craftsman (weekends). My supplemental blade is either my FRN Dragonfly, FRN Cricket, or Kershaw Silver Spur.

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