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What's your favorite knife?

Discuss Spyderco's products and history.
Sword and Shield
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What's your favorite knife?

Postby Sword and Shield » Thu Oct 04, 2001 12:00 am

It appears that many Spyder-addicts like myself have fairly good sized collections of knives. So what knife is really your favorite? In order to not compare between totally different knives, I have broken it into classes.

My picks:

Fixed blade- Ka-Bar, black blade, kydex/kraton. Just an all-around tough knife.

Tactical folder- Spyderco Endura in FRN. Sweet knife, tough as they come, and also quite economical.

Working Folder- Old Timer Big Bear. Essentially a Buck 110, this comes with Delrin stag instead of oak and is possibly one of the hardest working knives I own.

Dress Folder- Case Russlock in Red Bone. Great looks, though it isn't really used for difficult tasks.

Classic Folder (stockman, whittler, etc.)-Old Timer Large Stockman. The first knife I actually bought, this knife has taken everything and gone everywhere.

Well, there's my Top Five. What does anyone else think?

Keepin' it real...real sharp, that is.

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Postby GlockDoc » Thu Oct 04, 2001 10:28 pm

Fixed blade: 2 actually-EDC is a Buck 102 (Woodsman) in a BladeTech Kydex IWB lashed to my boot. IMO better than any purpose made boot knife. In the truck I keep a Cattaraugus 225Q for the heavy stuff.

Tactical folder: Spyderco Chinook

Working folder: Spyderco Chinook

Dress folder: (Though I rarely wear a dress anymore) Spyderco Chinook has been replaced by the Wegner Mouse. Smaller and lighter than all but a few handguns.

Classic folder: You guessed it! Classic bowie shape Spyderco Chinook.

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J Smith
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Postby J Smith » Thu Oct 04, 2001 11:10 pm

Fixed blade-custom made german shariff
Tactical-FRN endura 50/50 may be replaced by a M.O.D.
working-endura or delica
dress- SS rookie ll
Classic-case carbon steel canoe


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Postby bansidthe » Fri Oct 05, 2001 5:58 am


Fixed blade: Spydie drop point Moran...great hunting knife

Tactical folder: Chinook

working floder: an frn delica

dress: ss dragonfly (in my pocket now)

classic: Old timer stockman

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Postby mnblade » Fri Oct 05, 2001 12:03 pm

My picks:
Fixed blade- Don't own any, though I love my Spyderco Santoku chef knife.
Tactical folder- Plain-edged Spyderco Endura in FRN.
Working Folder- Plain-edged Spyderco Endura in FRN.
Dress Folder- Buck Executive 526.
Classic Folder (stockman, whittler, etc.)-Buck 709 Yearling.

I'd like to add one category, SAK-type knives/tools- Victorinox Spartan.

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Postby BladeMaster » Fri Oct 05, 2001 2:34 pm

Fixed blade: Boker Bud Nealy Escort

Tactical: Benchmade 705 Axis

Work knife: Spyderco Harpy

Dress knife: Case small stag stockman

Classic knife: Case chestnut bone large stockman

S.A.K. : Victorinox Huntsman

The BladeMaster

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Postby ftkinney » Fri Oct 05, 2001 2:59 pm

fixed blade: unkle henry golden spike oldest knife i own and only fixed blade.
tactical folder: military only tactical folder i own
working folder: either my gerbor gator for the handle or the tim wegner
dress folder-bob lum chinese folder
classic folder-i used to have a small pearl handed case doctor's knife but now i have none.
s.a.k.- vitorinox deluxe tinker over 10 years and it has never failed me.

Sword and Shield
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Postby Sword and Shield » Fri Oct 05, 2001 3:26 pm

Mnblade- I meant for the "classic" section to include about any traditional pocketknife, including SAKs. Thanks for the clarification.

Keepin' it real...real sharp, that is.

Franco G
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Postby Franco G » Sun Oct 07, 2001 11:00 am

Fixed blade- Fallkniven A1 in VG-10, Benchmade Nimravus Cub in ATS-34 (backup)

Tactical folder- Spyderco Chinook + Spyderco Wegner Jr.(EDC), large Spyderco Wegner (2nd choice, alternative)

EDC - Spyderco Wegner Jr. (always)

Working Folder- Spyderco Wegner Jr., Delica, Opinel no. 6 and no. 8, Police

Dress Folder- Spyderco Centofante Jr., CoPilot, Dragonfly SS(ordered), Victorinox Tourist, ...

Classic Folder - Opinel, Victorinox


Franco G

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Postby GronK » Sun Oct 07, 2001 11:18 am

Fixed blade: TOPS Cheetah
Tac folder: Spyderco/Viele
Working folder: Spydie Blackhawk
Dress folder: Spydie Jess Horn white micarta
Classic folder: Boker large stockman, 440C and stag

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deputy tom
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Postby deputy tom » Sun Oct 07, 2001 5:48 pm

I really can't pick one favorite.I like them all. But to go along with the thread I posted My choices in a reply below.They are really EDC in each catagory,so i guess that makes them My favorites .tom.

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Postby tique » Sun Oct 07, 2001 6:05 pm

Fixed: Brend Model 2, Ka-Bar USMC fighter
Tactical Folder: Military plain edge
Working Folder: Benchmade 730 with Carbon fiber and M2, Endura
Dress Folder: Don't need one<img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>
Classic Folder: Victorinox Forester, Opinel 8, Buck 110 in BG-42, Case Hobo

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Postby phwl » Mon Oct 08, 2001 3:05 am

Fixed blade: Cammilus arclite
Work knife: Spyderco Wegner
Dress knife: Small sebenza
Classic knife: Buck 303 stockman
S.A.K. : Victorinox tinker

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Postby drbones666 » Mon Oct 08, 2001 4:38 am

Tactical folder: Spyderco Chinook

Just bought it. It was a choice of it or the Cold Steel Recon. The Recon did a better job of shaving my arm but the feel of the Chinook just couldn't be beat.

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Postby mrb » Mon Oct 08, 2001 5:12 am

Most used - Delica II Plain Edge

Favourite - Military - Serrated - just such a serious piece of equipment - you've gotta respect it!

Tom Percy
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Postby Tom Percy » Tue Oct 09, 2001 6:05 pm

It is SO hard to pick a favorite, or a top # as it varies on any given day. Although I carry Spydies daily, there are so many more that fit into special uses that I would have a difficult time parting with, although I might be able to find a couple.
How DOES one cut down on buying knives ? I found once you're hooked, the game never ends.....

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Postby scolby » Tue Oct 09, 2001 6:22 pm

Fixed Blade: Bob Dozier Reverse Tanto
Tactical Folder: G-10 Native w/ Mosaic Inlay or Chinook
Working (Office) and Dress Folder: William Henry CF Spearpoint or Benchmade Park Avenue
Weekend Folder: Lum Chinese or BM 940
Classic Folder: Buck 500 or Opinel
Display Folders: Spyderco R and Q

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Postby Nicholls » Sat Oct 13, 2001 6:12 am

Fixed blade: al mar "Warrior"
Tac folder: spyderco gunting
Working folder: spyderco chinook
Dress folder: spyderco "Native" in all stainless

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Postby Hannibal » Sat Oct 13, 2001 7:44 am

That'll be the Harpy or the Merlin.

I love them. The Civillian looks fine to me, but if I had to choose, I'd take the Matriarch. I like them small...

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