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Postby The Stare » Thu Sep 06, 2001 6:54 pm

Thanks, Sword and Shield. It is a whittler. Appreciate that info.

Gatekeeper. I expect I am going to buy one Benchmade in the near future. Will either get the 710, which I think is going to be one of the defining knives of the tactical folder group in history, or the Griptilian, and be a bit cheap about it.

I've just read too many posts about quality problems with both Benchmade and Emerson -- also notable by it's absence -- to put my money into them. Some of the things that have appeared on the EK site, and the writings of some of the fans, push all my negative buttons, and I wouldn't buy them for anything.

Still have several productions I want, including some more Spydercos, but I feel so comfortable with my carry rotation, that I just don't want to change it, at least for now.


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