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Postby yog » Wed Sep 05, 2001 1:03 pm

No G-10 ? (sniff, sniff, boo-hoo).

Although FRN has it's place, I'm not a big fan of it, especially on a "special" model.

So here's a radical idea. A Delica with VG-10 steel, as well as it's excellent edge properties it polishes up very well. The handle would be stainless steel, highly polished to a mirror finish. For decoration the handle could have a design etched / routered (depth about 0.5mm) on the handle, with a the spydie logo central to the design. Done right it would have a functional effect of increasing grip, but also look very stylish.

Also like De Paul's idea of a pouch.

As well as using standard components it would certainly look something special.
Perhaps it could be called the mirror knife.

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Postby ronybear » Wed Sep 05, 2001 4:09 pm

Sal, I'm sorry, but I can't get excited by a FRN model for the Forum Knife! If you don't want to go with a colored G10, how about the Chinook with the standard black G10 & the pearl bug inlay. If you don't like the Chinook then any of the Spydercos with G10 ie. Civilian, Lum, Police, etc. and add the pearl bug. And if you just have to go with FRN then how about the Matriarch with the Blue FRN used on the latest Delica? Come on guys, we need to get together on this or we will not have any input!

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Mr Blonde
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Postby Mr Blonde » Wed Sep 05, 2001 4:13 pm

OK after reading Sal's suggestions, I'd say:

Medium size FRN: Delica, Native, Calypso would all be very nice. Right now I lean towards a Delica.

Handle Color: dark green

Edge type: Plain edge all the way.

Still, an inlay would be very cool. Stainless steel or mother of pearl is all good. I'd also favor a very small line on the blade indicating "Forum edition, year etc". But small. Let's see where this is going...

Then again, I just saw Ronybear's post. Blue FRN Matriarch is an excellent idea. Not much of a user (hopefully never), but it sounds like an excellent affordable collector piece.

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Postby Philip357 » Wed Sep 05, 2001 4:20 pm

Tom Percy, you got my vote : CALYPSO Jr., PLAIN Edge, Dark GREEN with White mother of pearl inlay ; a nice little sister (brother ?) of my Forum Military (although I still would prefer a Shabaria Jr <img src="wink.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle> )

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Postby scolby » Wed Sep 05, 2001 4:39 pm


VG-10, flat saber grind

Gray FRN Scales

MOP Spyder inlay

Plain edge

Make the hole 1 or 2 mm larger!

Second choice - the "R". I know the "R" came with aluminum scales. Is it possible to make it with FRN?

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Postby aero_student » Wed Sep 05, 2001 5:45 pm

So far it seems that the pe calypso jr with dark green frn handle seems to be the most popular idea. I am for it all the way. Not too sure about NOP inlay. Why not put a ss spydie in the handle?

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Postby Gizmo » Wed Sep 05, 2001 7:00 pm

I vote for a Blue Calypso Jr. I believe it's appropriate as that knife seems to appeal mostly to informed users that would pay to have a special edition.

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Postby buckshot » Wed Sep 05, 2001 7:47 pm

A blue Calypso jr would be a nice forum model. I wish I was around when the first forum knife was out. Any chance there are more of those militarys available?

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Postby mundele » Wed Sep 05, 2001 8:28 pm

I think a dark blue or dark green Calypso Jr plainedge would be great. If there must be an inlay, then I vote for a small (maybe 1/2 inch diameter) spydie bug done in white/silver/yellow/etc something that would look nice against the colored FRN.


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Postby tique » Wed Sep 05, 2001 9:51 pm

Unfortunately, I have to say that a forum model in FRN would be a big letdown after the beautiful Military from last year<img src="sad.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>

I guess a special Calypso, Jr., Q, or R would be cool, but still doesn't quite do it for me like one of the higher end knives would. Maybe we could get the Spyder inlay in the FRN? Or how about a really fancy blade steel, 420V, Talonite, etc? Just a thought... If we could get one of the G-10 knives, I'd love to see the larger Wegner done up special(hint, hint), maybe a cool colored G-10 and bug inlay with BG-42 or 420V...

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Postby Eclipse » Wed Sep 05, 2001 10:31 pm

How abot a plain edge Matriarch?

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Postby cerulean » Thu Sep 06, 2001 4:24 am

Realistic choice: Plain edge blue Calypso Jr. Ltwt.. I've carried a CJL since about March of '00 and would love to see a blue one, or any other color. I remember a prototype had burgundy handles, which leads me to...

Unrealistic choice: Chinook with burgundy micarta scales. I love the Chinook, but those ugly, stereotypical black G-10 scales have got to go.

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Postby ruxton » Thu Sep 06, 2001 9:54 am

love that pic chinook, hows about a g-10 PE harpy with the mother of pearl bug?
or a police which is light blue (actually cop style colours)... or a plain edged military CF... arg to much choice... so many knives so little time...

Tom Percy
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Postby Tom Percy » Thu Sep 06, 2001 9:57 am

While I too would find a forum knive in FRN less attractive, than the black G10 with white mother of pearl on our Military's, I think that we should be considerate in our wishes of our friends at Spyderco. While it would cost us a few more $ for G10 on a on knive that dosn't presently get one, it would cost the factory a lot more to produce the special for us.

I still find the FRN a nice package to carry, and would be very proud to carry to a Spyderco in FRN to commemorate our activities on this forum.

Heck, I ain't picky, as long as it's Spyderco.

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Postby northwind » Thu Sep 06, 2001 10:59 am

Chinook: maybe a carbon fiber handle w/spider logo. Or a titanium handle with a spider web design ala Chris Reeves? Also, what about a gold titanium blade coat?

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Postby GlockDoc » Thu Sep 06, 2001 11:56 am

OK, OK! How about a rookie in blue or green G-10, 1/8" Talonite or Vg-10, any edge, MOP spydie.

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Postby Gatekeeper » Thu Sep 06, 2001 12:47 pm


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Postby fisherman » Thu Sep 06, 2001 3:26 pm


Please, oh please, can it be a larger knife with a substantial compacity to be practical!
I really wish it colud be olive colored g10 or CF handles, (since this is a forum model). I think a serrated edge wolud be the best, that razor spyderedge is one of my favorite things about spyderco(PE would still be ok though). For steel I think something new to the existing line wolud be neat. Maybe bg42, 154CM, 420v, or cpm3v. Damascus anybody?<img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>
grind: convex or flat
Maybe one of the new models?


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Postby The Stare » Thu Sep 06, 2001 8:33 pm

I know, I know. I already posted once. That was more to vote against a Military, than to propose another knife.

So, in looking thru some -- not all -- the posts since mine, I sure hope that if another forum knife is done that it is something fairly mainstream. In my mind, that would certainly rule out the Civilian and the Gunting. Heck I'd rather have the Military I voted against before.

There seems to me a real chance that some forumites would want to use a forum knife. I have no desire/intent to use a Gunting or a Civilian/Matriarch. They just are not my style at all. I think it would be too bad to use a knife that has a very limited audience.

Okay, I'll shut up now.


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Postby patogordo » Fri Sep 07, 2001 8:33 am

what about a chinook almost everyone in the forum likes this bowie style knife

I want all of them

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