Just got my "Vesuvius" ( and Merlin )

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Allen E. Treat

Just got my "Vesuvius" ( and Merlin )

Postby Allen E. Treat » Sun Aug 12, 2001 12:00 am

To All ;

I just got my "Vesuvius" and

Merlin from One Stop Knife Shop ( they even

threw in a Tuf Cloth for maintenance ); I'm

VERY impressed with the "compression lock"

never had I seen such a rigid lock-up

before ! This is truly innovative ( just

hope the Chinese "knock off" companies don't

try to plaigerize ( steal ) the idea ). My

next step is the new run of "Shabaria's", then, on to the Bram Frank

"Gunting" with it's compression lock and

"kinetic opening" although I'm more into

collecting than Martial Blade Craft. But

perhaps may pursue this in the future.

I also received my new "Merlin" ( I had

the original with the clip molded on as

part of the handle ) I like the versatility of the new "Merlin" with it's

removable pocket clip to suit both left

and right hand users. My special thanks

to Raechel Reiter at One stop for her

assistance ( and the Tuf cloth ). Fellow

forumites, for price(s), selection and

service you can do no better than One

Stop Knife Shop. Just thought I'd let you

all know.



P.S. ;

Thanks Sal, for producing some of

the finest cutlery around !

The Stare
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Postby The Stare » Sun Aug 12, 2001 8:29 pm

AET -- I agree that 1SKS is a good place to buy. But to ensure you are getting the best prices from them, give them the opportunity to meet the lowest regular price you can find. I found 2 good dealers selling the Merlin for $5.00 and $5.60 less than 1SKS' price. Another good vendor's price is $9.00 lower than 1SKS for the Vesuvius.

It is quite likely that 1SKS would agree to match those lower prices. Then one would be $14.60 ahead of 1SKS' regular asking price.

1SKS probably offers the most information about the knives they sell, which is extremely helpful, and they do have a wider selection than most other vendors.

Don't know if 1SKS would have thrown in the TufCloth if you'd gotten them down in price, but you still could have bought it and remained about $6 ahead of the game.


sam the man..
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Postby sam the man.. » Sun Aug 12, 2001 8:45 pm

Congrats dude! <img src="wink.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>
The Vesuvius is an excellent buy! <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>


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