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Junk Knife venders ARE good for something....

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2001 12:00 am
by vampyrewolf
We have our carnival thing up here this week. I was there last night. Had to hit the crap venders...

I was able to pick up a set of 3, 2" linerlock knifes. 1 like the wegner in blade shape(plain), the other 2 (80/20 egde) are almost like the native(but with a thinner profile(less belly)...

Got them for $30 and they can be dismantled. My only problem with these is that:

1> on the plain-edge the liner goes agout 20% across

2> the closed 80/20 goes 50% but has too much movement(horizontal)

3> the indexed 80/20 goes 80-90% and when loosened up allows the liner to travel too far and go OVER the blade.

I tightened and oiled them up.

Basically I spent $10/knife, and these are going to be abuse knives. If it breaks, so what? I still got my fun... I'll let you guys know how long one of these holds up. carrying the 80/20 closed handle now.

We all start with 10 fingers. Those with Spydies have 9 to spare, Still need a thumb. Good thing I still have 8 to spare...

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2001 8:01 pm
by The Stare
For the same money, you could have bought 3 CRKT folders from SMKW on closeout. At least you would have had 3 decent knives, without helping the knock off jerks make more money, and encourage them to keep selling the illegal, dangerous, POS knives.

Sorry, Vampeyrewolf, I just can't see doing anything that helps the outfits who are stealing ideas/intellectual property from legitimate companies. Seeing you buy the 3 knives may well have encouraged others to buy the same knives, and potentially get seriously injured, because they don't know they got crap.

It's your money. Not sure why you posted. Were you expecting congratulations? Expecting to get flamed? Just doesn't make sense to me to post the fact that you're buying illegal copies of Spydercos on the Spyderco forum. Please help me understand what your point was.


Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2001 8:26 am
by vampyrewolf
sorry, poor wording in the first post.

I was only comparing the blade shapes to spydies for ease of understanding the designs.

I was just posting to show ppl easy ways to get abuse knives, at cheap prices.

I got a Kershaw/KenOnion Boa earlier this month, and then these cheapos... for $80, which I would have rather spent on a 204... Always next weeks check though.

We all start with 10 fingers. Those with Spydies have 9 to spare, Still need a thumb. Good thing I still have 8 to spare...