ceramic blade?

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ceramic blade?

Postby Turbo923 » Mon Aug 06, 2001 12:00 am

This is a quesion mainly for Sal: Do you plan on ever considering making a limited production knife with a ceramic blade and grey/black handles such as CF, or maybe G-10?

I own a ceramic bladed Boker, and let me say it says sharp as hell (not as sharp as a spydie), and is super light. Maybe you could add a titanium compression lock and liners? Anyone agree? I'd buy one...

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Postby sal » Sat Aug 11, 2001 3:58 pm

Hi Turbo. We did quite a bit of testing of ceramic blades in the mid 80's, mostly for salt water use. We just couldn't get the ceramic sharp enough for us and toughness was an issue in our knives.

We made a ceramic bladed knife under the "Tak" label about 10 years ago. Tak Fukuta made the piece for us. He did a very nice job. The piece had a magnesium handle. I guess there is about 500 of them out there.

At this time, we would prefer to venture into the excotic steels, cobalt and titanium based materials. We use a great deal of ceramics in out sharpeners.


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