Meadowlark 2

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Meadowlark 2

Postby apollo » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:33 am

This morning i got to pick up my newest member to my collection.
Namely the meadowlark 2 in blue.
First off Sal this color is so beautyfull is there anyway spyderco's can also be made in this color in the future?

I bought this little byrd to be part of my work edc rotation.
Even tough i love to sharpen my knives when i have the time.
Having time to really do it is not always as so straight forward when living the adult life.
So an extra blade is always a good thing :D

Comparing to the other spyders and byrds i have this one did not came as sharp as i expected.
There was a big burr that was easy to see with the naked eye and about an inch wide in the center of the cutting lenght.
An houre ago i fixed this little problem and now it worthy of its brand name. :D

The knife feels so light in hand it is kinda strange feeling it if you just had a manix 2 or a raven in youre hands.
On the up side it can be very comfortable not feeling youre knife in youre pocket for sometimes. :)
The texture on this handle is very grippy and even when youre hands are wet.
Now for the lock. A backlock is still one of my favorites i love the generous click and that sound always gives a safe feeling.
Ofcourse this backlock is nothing like my original manix or my chinook 2.
But it feels solid enough to take on anything i need it to in my way using knives.

I think this one will again suprise me just like the Raven did and is still doing.
Years ago when the byrd line was released i felt nothing for them now everything it changed.
Byrds do not have to sit in the shadows of spyders they are perfect useful knives with interesting designs and quality.
Thanks for these wonderfull affortable edc's Sal & co.


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